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Monday, June 10, 2013

Apple Teams With Microsoft Against Google Why?

Today Apple announced that future versions of Siri will use Bing as it's default search engine. What's up with that? Well you might guess that Microsoft is paying Apple to use Bing. That might be true, but I think there is another dynamic involved. Apple and Microsoft have been battling for the computer market for years. Why start cooperating now? Well if you want to unite the world have space aliens attack us. We would instantly unite to fight them. Microsoft and Apple have been selling software and hardware for a good profit for decades. Their business model is still based on that idea. You want a computer or software? Pay us, and pay us again to upgrade to the newest version. Now comes the space alien, Google. Their business model? Free! Free software, free operating system, cheap hardware (except pixel the flagship Chromebook). Software updates? They are free too. Now if you were Apple and Microsoft would you feel threatened? I think the computer giants feel threatened. I think they are scared of Google. Expect more cooperation between them and against Google in the future. That's what I think.

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