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Monday, June 24, 2013

Burning A Disk Image Rescue Disk

You might want to burn an image file ISO (ref ISO 9660 optical disk standard) to a CD or DVD. For reasons of creating a bootable disk for things like trying or installing a Linux distribution, creating an install disk from a software download purchase, or to create a security rescue disk. One software package that can be used to burn an ISO is called ImgBurn. It's a free download from their website You will need the program installed, a blank recordable CD or DVD, and an ISO file. When you run the program it comes up with a simple user interface. Select "Write image file to disc".

Next you will need to select the ISO file ( a file with an .iso extension i.e. example.iso).

F-Secure is a computer software company that makes anti-malware programs. They offer a free ISO of a bootable rescue disk. You can go to their download site by clicking HERE, or click the following link.
 Burn this ISO to a disk and you have the ability to boot your computer to the optical disk. This is a powerful tool against viruses. Because it  allows you to scan your computer for malware without the virus having a chance to activate any self defence mechanisms that might be built in to it. After your computer boots run the virus scanner.

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