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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Super Phone Free

Do you have a GMail account? Why not? Google has so much free stuff. It's like turning down gifts not to join Google. Did you know you can have a free phone? Complete with it's own number. Did I mention it's free? It's called Google Voice. Oh by the way it has some amazing features. Of course it has voice mail, where it records messages from missed calls, but it also transcribes them so you can read what they are about before or instead of listening to them. You can even "share" a voice mail. Do you have more than one number for people to call to reach you? With Google Voice you can consolidate to one number that will ring multiple phones. With lots of customization features. Like have certain phones ring based on the time of day. You can send SMS (text messages) to email. It has features for screening or blocking callers. There is a lot more. Goto Google Voice and check it out. Oh don't forget, it's free!

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