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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Other Search

  When I say the words "computer search", you probably think Google. It's understandable. Google has become synonymous with internet search; so much so that the word Google has become interchangeable with search. I have heard people say "Google it" many times referring to lookup or search for the answer to a question on the internet. However, in this blog post, I want to show another type of search. One that will help you find things on your computer and in your documents and webpages.
  The first search technique I want to show is in Windows Vista and Windows 7. You may have many programs on your computer. Too many to make it easy to find a particular program that you want to open. Just click the start button. In the menu that pops up just above the button is a search box. (see graphic below). Type in the name of the program you are looking for, or a main word from the program name. Like word for Microsoft Word. Then just click on the program to open it. You can use this to find and open a particular document as well.

Another search tool that is built into windows is a word search within a document or webpage. In all the major browsers if you want to find a particular word just hold down the Ctrl key and press F, also written as Ctrl+F. A search box will appear. As you type in the box, matching text will be highlighted. 

This works the same in your word processor, i.e. Microsoft Word, Open Office, or Libre Office. Of course, it also works in Google Docs, since it is in a browser. I hope when you think search in the future, you'll still think Google. But maybe you'll remember this other type of searching.

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