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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Latitude Lives!

Google ended Latitude. The app and webpage that allowed you to track the location of friends and relatives. So you could find someone in a crowded outdoor concert or follow the progress of a traveling relative. For those of you who miss it there is good news. It's not really gone. Google in their push to get people to use Google+ has incorporated Latitude into that app. Here is how to set it up. Open the Google+ (G+) app. In the upper left corner of your screen is the 3 horizontal bars that represent the menu. Tap Locations from that menu.

Next you'll get a chance to invite those people that you want to share this information with.

Then when you go to Google+ locations you will see controls familiar to those who have used Latitude.

Click the < or > to move to the locations of those who share with you. The center button is your location. Share this with your friends and family. Latitude lives, and it's a fun and interesting app. 


Primonate said...

I had not used latitude before.
Does reporting your location drain your battery life on your phone substantially?

Tech Blogger said...

Yes. I usually use it in the car plugged in to the 12V adapter. Or at home plugged in also. Remember everything you do with the phone drains the battery, unless you turn it off.