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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Talk To Your Computer - Now!

It may seem like science fiction but the day is coming when you will interface with your computer via speech. This change has begun. Having a computer understand human speech is a very complicated task. Primarily because people speak in so many different ways, and various quality levels. Still some of the most talented people on earth are working on the problems. I think you will see a day when the keyboard is only used for very special applications. Maybe you've noticed it happening already. I talk to my car to place hands free calls. Do Google searches using voice search.

I need to work with Siri on the iPhone & iPad. Don't wait for this technology to come to you. If you can speak clearly you can start using it now. If your using the keyboard effectively you had to learn to type. The mouse took some getting used to. That whole vertical to horizontal conversion thing. Why wait for speech recognition to come to you? Start learning to talk to your computer today!

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