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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Password Recovery

Have you ever needed to get your password from a site log in?
You know like this ...

Well it turns out it very easy. Just right click in the box where the dots conceal your password.

Select "Inspect element" from the menu that drops down. You'll see the code that makes the webpage. Look for the word "password".

Right click the "password" line, and select "Edit attribute".

Change "password" to "text". Your password will be displayed where the dots were. I hope this will be help you if you ever need it.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Case Study: Saving Money In The Digital Age

Everyone has different providers and plans. I thought I would give my example as a way to reduce cost.

Cable TV $120+ cellular service $120+. That's over $240 dollars a month. Think about that. That is what we were paying. When our year with AT&T U-Verse caused discounts to expire we received notice that our bill would jump to over $180. That shocked me into action.


We have changed to Comcast Xfinity Internet, HBO, Streampix, basic service $50+. Hulu+ $8.

Roku 3 is 5x faster and has a motion controller for games A one time $100.


Republic Wireless Moto G phone $150 one time. Monthly cost $10 for unlimited Talk & Text, no Data except via wifi.

New monthly cost: Phone $20 TV $60 for about $160 a month in savings! That is $1900 in savings a year! Minus the one time costs and we will still save around $1500 the first year.