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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Breaking From Cable TV

Breaking From Cable TV

The latest disruptive technology. Streaming TV from the internet. Sometimes (rarely) things old are new again. This new thing includes an old thing. TV via antenna. It turns out that if you live in a metropolitan area you can get free TV over the air. You just need an antenna. There is a bonus to doing this. A better picture. Yes it's true. Your cable company compresses your local TV channels to save bandwidth. You may notice a slightly sharper picture by using an antenna. I recommend you get an amplified antenna (see the example link). It's probably a good idea to try this before cancelling your cable. Read 5 Steps to breaking with your cable company: before you make the call. Antenna Example:

Besides an antenna you will probably want to have access to the internet. The internet has a huge amount of programming available for free or very little cost. If your internet service provider (ISP) is your cable company you will want to make sure you keep this service when you cut the cable TV service. To get internet programs on your TV you will need a device. The device can be the TV itself. Internet TV's (AKA Smart TV) are available from multiple manufactures in various sizes. If your not wanting to lay out the money for a new TV there are a number of devices to make your current TV "smart". Stand alone devices come with a remote and access the internet to bring programming to your TV. Some of them also allow you to stream video from your computing equipment. Desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, they can all be used to stream to an Apple TV for example. Or you can stream to a Chromecast from Google. WARNING: Your ISP may block premium streaming content like HGTV for an example. However you may still get the programs by going to their website or other websites like

Good Luck. Please share any information you have with me.
Update: Here is a current state of the cable industry.

Stand Alone.
Apple TV:
Amazon Fire TV:

Broadcast from other devices.

Sling TV:
CBS all access:
5 little known sites

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