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Friday, September 9, 2016

Money Saving Tech: Free Magazines

I retired recently. So money saving measures are on my mind. OK maybe that not a new thing for me. Did you know your local public library is a source of free digital media? That's right besides free books you can get e-books, audio books, movies, music, and magazines. This post will be about magazines. Go to your library website. Chances are you will find a link to digital content similar to the one shown here.

Look for a electronic magazine link. You will need an account with the offering company. For me that is Zinio. I plan to check out Flipster soon. Warning! They also sell magazine subscriptions. You may want to purchase a magazine not carried by the library. That is fine, and the prices are usually quite good. However I have to warn you. I only purchase single editions. I bought a couple of subscriptions and had a very hard time keeping them from auto renewing.

Anyway the library selection is really very good. Hundreds of magazines are offered at my library.

The list is also searchable by topic. Photography for example.

You can read them from your PC at the Zinio website or you can put the app on your tablet. Download the magazine (many back issues are available too). Once you get used to the tablet page flipping technique you love getting magazines for free.

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